Albert Burrett working in Boiler House at Visqueen

By Jill Campbell

Albert Burrett

This is a photo of Albert Burrett working in the Boiler House at British Visqueen during the 1960s.

Albert worked at Visqueen from 1955 until its closure. His brother George and father Albert also worked there.

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  • Jim is pouring from a glass carboy (the straw is for protection).It’s probably sulphuric acid. I joined BVL in Feb 1964 as an Experimental Officer and one of my first jobs was to sort out the water softening treatment in the boiler house and the “back-washing” of the ion exchange resin. I must have impressed Henk Kool ( the T.O.) because shortly afterwards I was promoted by John Ladbury.

    By David hawkins (17/10/2012)