My dad's time at King's

Paul Robinson

My dad worked for King’s of Stevenage until 1971 as a Foreman Fitter Erector and I remember him installing the conveyor at Fords of Halewood when the plant was being built. He worked at numerous other sites around the country plus sites in Northern Ireland. He also worked at Spadeadam which was a rocket launching site and he installed sliding doors where the rockets were kept. Apart from the memories of him all that is left is the scale rule which I have kept and is shown in the photos.

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  • My father worked there as a fitter and was into being a shop steward. I did my apprenticeship there from 1969 to 1974, I think it was a fantastic place to work and learn.
    I’m sure my dad would have known your dad.

    By Brian Snowden (13/01/2022)