Stevenage Lodge

Do you remember the Lodge?


Sadly, the Lodge was demolished and exists now only in people’s memories.  Please do add a comment if you remember working or visiting there.

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  • If this is the house that was once called Mobbsbury, then I believe it was lived in by the Dorey family in the 1020/30s era. My father, Trevor Dorey, visited it in his childhood.

    By Nick Dorey (02/01/2023)
  • Yes it was known as Mobbsbury in the very early 60’s and the resident family were the Taylors, Ron and Diana and their family. Michael Collins, your memory is exactly right – their eldest daughter – Rosemary. I have pictures of big family gatherings at Mobbsbury – My father was Diana’s cousin – but can’t see how to post them. The games of hide-and-seek were epic…….

    [Mart, to post your photos, click the ‘contribute’ tab on the far right in the banner at the top of the page. Email if you have any difficulties posting. Your post will appear once editors have reviewed it. If you didn’t take the pictures yourself, please review the copyright statement before posting. Ed]

    By Mart Bradley (25/07/2019)
  • Was this mobbsbury house in chells way close to a telephone box and entrance to parking area behind the last lot of houses, at that time 1962, where a nursery school was held if so my son attended it a couple of times per week just across from where we lived at 261 chells great memories of my 4 year’s there before leaving for Canada

    By Dora Rooke (17/06/2019)
  • I am sure I went to a wedding at the lodge on 30th July 1966. (world cup final day) The bride was the daughter of the owners of the Lodge. She was a student teacher at my school. Peartree Junior. I think her name was Rosemary Taylor but not sure. I can remember playing tennis there on a grass court.

    By Michael Collins (28/03/2018)
  • I have a distant memory of going here with other children from Campshill School for a fete or open day. We did a country dancing display, it would have been about 1962.

    By Kathleen White ( formerly Wheeler) (03/09/2014)
  • I used to go to the nursery in this old house.  I think the owner was called John.  I believe the house was destroyed by fire.  such a shame.  Had great childhood memories of the house and woods

    By laurie (01/09/2014)
  • My younger sister went to nursery school here! I remember being very envious as I was too old to go!

    By Heather Barnes (03/05/2014)
  • I did a college placement many years ago at Newhaven residential home that was just a short walk from the Stevenage Lodge. I have very fond memories of the summer time taking the residents to walk around the lovely gardens of the Lodge.

    By Sam (18/11/2013)
  • I went to a children’s nursery group in The Lodge in the late 1960s. I only went once, and was petrified! My Mum thinks I must have wandered off and got lost in some of the then disused rooms. Probably because of that, when I played in the woods I would give it a wide berth. Always looked spooky to me!

    By Kate (27/08/2013)
  • I remember the Lodge for a time it was the office for the councils parks dept. I remember Kieth Robinson he lived there for many years. When they closed it I was working for Ridgemond Training and I with some of my trainees removed a lot of the plants and re-planted them at our site in Telford ave.

    By martin kent (14/01/2013)
  • I remember Stevenage Lodge very well, I lived there with my mum, dad and two brothers in 1978 when I was 6 years old. I am so sad that my old home is no longer there.

    By Selena Mair (18/11/2012)
  • Since posting these photos we have had more photos and information added to the site- please take a look at those too!

    By Editor, Our Stevenage (15/10/2012)
  • When was it demolished??

    By Pete Terry (16/08/2012)
  • I work for Stevenage Haven; we used the Lodge between 1995 and 2003 as a nightshelter for homeless people. The Lodge was such a lovely building with fantastic grounds and such a good atmosphere about the place – many of us still miss working there and were sad when it was demolished. Does anyone have copies of these photos and any others that we can have please?

    By Nikky Manning (10/05/2012)
  • The Cemetery Superintendent was Mr Keith Robinson.. who did a grand job. Shame Weston Rd is not so well looked after now .

    By George Crooks (29/04/2012)
  • I provided these photographs taken during the six years (1988 to 1994) that I worked in the office of Stevenage Borough Council Parks and Landscape based in the Lodge. We had ground floor offices plus a couple of rooms upstairs – the remainder of the building was the home of the Cemetery Superintendent. Around March 1994 the offices moved to Daneshill House. The lovely grounds of the Lodge were occasionally used for wedding photographs following the wedding service at St Hugh’s church.

    By Fiona Pike (27/01/2012)
  • Yep, I remember it now, we built a camp in a well we found near the perimeter, had a ladder and everything. I also remember an old house in Mobbsbury Wood itself, I went to Nursery school there.

    By Ray (07/12/2011)
  • I met the lovely lady owner of the house in about 1972 when we were both doing an A-level GCE art course at Stevenage College. We two were mature students among the 16-17 year-olds and she was in her 70s. I’m not sure what her real name was, but she insisted that we all called her Freddy. Freddy invited me to the house one day and I remember it being large with spacious but rather dark rooms. There was a very realistic artificial owl perched on the railing of a balcony “To scare the pigeons away”. This was all around the time when the house was compulsory purchased, because I remember Freddy discussing the sale with us. Regretfully, I didn’t keep in touch with Freddy.

    By Delia Campbell (31/10/2011)
  • I suspect you are correct Ray. I never knew this site existed. Anyone know why it was built over and when ? Using this web site :- It would appear that this place was bulldozed to make way for ‘Cameron Close’. I used google street view as well to determine the physical location.

    By diddy1234 (30/09/2011)
  • Was this the lodge that was in Mobbsbury woods, the wood between Chells Way and Drakes Drive. If so I used to play there as a kid and sneak into the grounds

    By Ray (31/08/2011)
  • I remember this building well, lovely grounds. I was a groundsman based at Peartree park with George Clifford who was the park keeper, great times….

    By david snell (13/07/2011)
  • When I worked on the council we used to have meetings there. Very nice building and grounds - shame they have to disappear……

    By david snell (12/07/2011)