Memories of Lodge Farm J.M.I.

Jane Leigh

I have fantastic memories of Lodge Farm Junior and Infant schools. I was there between 1967-1976 when I moved up to Chells Secondary. At Lodge Farm Juniors I was lucky enough to have the best teacher ever – Peter Heathfield. He had a very unique way of teaching and I gained a lot from his lessons. I got back in contact with him a number of years ago and we shared many memories, but sadly he died earlier this year. Mrs Rockovitch was the head-teacher – a force to be reckoned with! I was Jane Bishop then – anyone else remember those happy times?

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  • I went to the Infants and Junior school here. Happy memories of playing in wooden covered sandpits. Mrs Rockovitch was the Head, she had a dalmatian dog called Bob who she would bring to school with her. Mr Laidlaw, Mrs Lovett were two teachers I remember as being wonderful people. I enjoyed the school assembly’s where someone would move the words up the projector screen as we all sang along. From here to Nobel that had just moved into the old Chells School site.

    By Neil Fisher (05/02/2023)