Broom Barns 1959

School Football team

By Alex Ward

Broom Barns school team 1959. The headmaster was Peter Glazier. The team from left to right is TOP ROW  D. Jenkins, R, Shrimpton, P, Winstone, A, Ward, R, Preston, T, Gregory.  BOTTOM ROW. D, Langley,  ?  A, Moore,  ?  D,Hoar.  Can anybody fill in the missing boys names ?

[Editorial note: The headmaster’s name was Peter Glaze, as noted in comments below, not Glazier as stated.]


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  • Hi glen, I also went Broom Barns but the head was a mr luck, must have changed as i left to glaze. I do remember alex ward and dave oar as well as ray preston. It was nice to have met up with you at stevenage fc when you came back for a visit.

    By John Jackson (26/10/2021)
  • I can recognise myself in the bottom row 2nd left. Good memories!

    By Pat Mannion (20/10/2013)
  • Hello Glen, It could be that it is 1960. I will check up on that if I can.

    By Alex Ward (03/02/2012)
  • HI I am living in New Zealand and been here since 1966 but I played in that side in 1959 but I cant see myself there. The head teacher was actually Mr Peter Glaze Cheers Glenn Root

    By Glenn Root (05/01/2012)