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Hi,does anyone remember the name of the headmistress of letchmore road school from the late 80s /early 90s please. Many thanks

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  • I was a pupil at this school between 1962 to 1964. I remember a Mrs Smith as Headteacher, a typical post war dressed woman, but she was a good teacher, and fair. After that was a Mrs Bowskill (is that how it is spelt?). I once apologised to her for something I had done wrong (though was innocent) and she blessed me. Fond memories.

    I was taught by a Mrs Warren, lovely lady, and a Miss Janko (who rode a scooter everyday), and a Miss Hayles.

    By David Abram (14/07/2023)
  • Yes! I became the headteacher in 1987 and retired at the end of 2001. My name is Heather Elkington

    By Heather Elkington (28/12/2021)
  • I was there from 1956 the then headmistress was Miss/Mrs Smith my teachers were Mrs Thermston who used to bring her big dog, a borzoi to school with her each day. Miss Fellows and Mrs Buckingham. They were the only 4 classes, our assembly hall was out across the other side of the playground. I then went very briefly to Almond Hill school just until the new catholic school called Blessed John Southworth opened at the top of Bedwell Crescent, next to St Josephs church. I was there until moving to Dover in ’63.

    By Jan Wright nee Casey (09/11/2021)