Building the LDS Church in Stevenage

Members help build their own meeting house

By Owen Welch

LDS church exterior view
Owen Welch
View from the North showing Stevenage College to the left
Owen Welch
The West side
Owen Welch
The North side again, car park being laid
Owen Welch
Work on the interior
Owen Welch
Construction work on the interior
Owen Welch
The Cultural Hall, where we play
Owen Welch
This is the Chapel where we worship
Owen Welch

Early in 1962 the members of the Stevenage branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints received the news that they would be getting their own meeting house in Buckthorn Avenue, Stevenage. Of course, they were very excited at this news.


The church it was built by members under the direction of an American supervisor, but there were two distinct groups. The local members helped in their spare time, mostly in the evenings and on Saturdays, and often in their holidays, but the major work force were young men who served as building missionaries, usually for two years. They were housed, fed, clothed and given pocket money by the local members of the congregation. Usually there would be 3 or 4 at a time. They were mostly in their late teens or early twenties. In all there is a record of 17 over the term of the construction.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place and the work got under way with the site being cleared and the footings dug out by the local members. After the foundations were laid the bricklayers set to work building the walls whilst the local members, with the help of members from other areas, mixed concrete and laid the floors and columns plus other sundry work associated with the building.

Due to the long hard winter of 1963 the work wasn’t finished until well into 1965 when it was opened and dedicated for worshipping.

The building has since been refurbished on three occasions. The last time the front offices were realigned, new offices, a new classroom and a lift were added, all walls were wallpapered plus carpet fitted throughout.

All in all, a building to be proud of.

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  • Good memories of the church as a community resource regardless of religious persuasion, particularly with David Brown at the helm 1990’s. Great example!

    By Jen (21/12/2023)
  • Great memories, wonderful people. Thanks for sharing Owen

    By Malcolm Paice (03/09/2020)
  • Nice reminder of happy Stevenage memories. Thanks, Owen.

    By Phil Champion (22/08/2018)