Nobel School visit to the Rhineland

April 1965

By Pauline Maryan

Nobel School visit to the Rhineland
Stevenage Museum PP1472

Do you know anyone in this group photo?  Where exactly were they going in April 1965?

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  • My parents could not afford for me to go on this trip, and my paper round money just didn’t stetch that far. I went on the French trip camping and canoeing down the River Rhone a couple of years later. Have checked through the photo, sure some of my old class mates were there but did not recognise any.
    Would be interested in any Nobel reunions.

    By richard leslie odell (29/11/2023)
  • I forgot to say, I was Gayle Ward, and I went out with one of the Batchelor brothers for a short while. I remember Martin Flood, Jon Wiltshire, The Jackson twins, Sue Alford, Jackie Grist, Jayne Taylor. Our German teacher was Mr Taberner, History with Mr Henry, English with Mr Atkinson.

    By Gayle Stephens (22/05/2022)
  • I was at Nobel from 1968-73. Our music teacher was Miss Auerbach. We went to Hamelin one year.

    By Gayle Stephens (21/05/2022)
  • Nobel reunion? Really? Where and when? I was at Nobel school 1965 – 1969. Don’t think anyone remembers me – I was SO shy. I didn’t learn very much at Nobel. It certainly wasn’t the best of schools. I much preferred College. Such a long time ago. 68 now. Can’t believe it!!!

    By Maggie Lindsay (01/10/2021)
  • Lynn Jones, of course I remember you. I’ve only just read your message from 6 years ago. There’s a Nobel reunion in October this year. It would be great to meet up 💐

    By Caroline Scott (now Rona) (28/07/2021)
  • Hi Rebecca

    Yes I did live in Park View and am wondering if you did too, and were Rebecca Harris at that time?

    Helen Marsh

    By Helen Marsh (02/06/2021)
  • Hi
    Was just wondering whether Helen Marsh used to live in Park View?

    By Rebecca Major (15/05/2021)
  • I am one of those pictured in the photo of the 1965 trip to Boppard, and can remember the photo being taken. I am second from the left on the second from front row, next to my friend Wendy Pearman, also wearing a hairband. On that trip I received a prize of a book for being “a good companion” which I still have. Inside all the pupils in the photo have signed their names.

    By Helen Marsh, nee Lighton (13/01/2021)
  • Yes, to confirm a comment below, the first Headteacher of Nobel, from 1961 until his retirement around 1989, was Leslie Rose, who always signed himself J. L. Rose. I think his first name was John but presumably he preferred to use Leslie not John.
    He died in 2014.

    By Robin Parker (05/01/2021)
  • Leslie Rose not James Rose.

    By Garry Fry (01/01/2021)
  • Heale-Barton asks if Chris Barton is in this photo. Yes, he is sitting in the second row down from the back, third in from the right, looking to his right and slightly down. Chris was in my form 2C at the time (the ‘C’ for Conlon, our original form tutor.)

    By Robin Parker (13/01/2020)
  • Can Chris Barton contact me please ? I did get in touch with Tony a couple of years back at Squirrel Press , but have since lost his contact number . Viv Cooper

    By Viv Cooper (19/10/2019)
  • Alois, the only person that I can recall named ` Bob ` on our trip was Bob Bollands. I was paired with Klemens Dedl who from memory lived at [Private address redacted. Ed]. If you were part of that same exchange group then the person you are referring to may well have been him. Do you still keep in touch with Klemens?

    By Viv Cooper (19/10/2019)
  • Is Chris Barton in this picture ?

    The Cracklin’ Vinyl Colective

    By Heale-Barton (09/04/2019)
  • Well, interesting , but so long ago. certainly unknown faces . any more photo’s of that era..

    The good folks at Cracklin’ Vinyl Colective.

    By Heale-Barton (09/04/2019)
  • Viv mentioned an exchange to Freistadt. Probably this was a students’ exchange with Freistadt in Austria. I was one of the exchange students in 1966, from Freistadt. My exchange partner was “Bob”, but I don’t remember his family name.

    By Alois (17/12/2018)
  • Hi Viv. Do get in touch through the admin of this site

    By Geoff Gafford (02/01/2018)
  • Yes Geoff you were in 3s , with Mr Stroud our form master . I went on the Freistadt exchange , that was with Miss Auerbach , but I cant recall whom else ! When I’m settled in my new address I’ll sort out those photos,and see how many folk we can recognise . I can recognise David Broadbent in one of them ,and Maureen Anderson too . I remember Bob Bollands and I think Andrew Batchelor ? Was in in our group too .

    By Viv Cooper (19/11/2017)
  • I was 10 then following my brother from Roebuck juniors. Some faces seem familiar but shot is likely too far back,the chap at the far back right side looks like our Headmaster, who stood for no messing! Mister Rose.Another ex Army chap who had fought in World War 2. Many of our teachers were involved in ww2 one way or t’other. Cheers

    By Christopher Patrick batchelor (06/10/2017)
  • I was also in the group that went to Boppard in the Spring of 1966, I was in class 3H, or could it have been 2H, as I thought we went when we were in the second year. The ‘H’ stood for Healy, Mr Healy was the history teacher and our form teacher at the time. I remember Miss Auerbach, the music teacher but I can’t remember her going to Boppard with our group but I do remember Miss Emmett, Miss Crossby and Mr Mannell going plus the teacher whom Miss Emmett married, can’t remember his name. One of the German teachers also went, but again I can’t remember his name.

    Peter Thomas was in our year so won’t be in the photo.

    I haven’t got any photos, but Caroline I could be the person who took yours! Do you remember we shared a cabin on the night boat and a compartment on the train and in the evenings we would go to the Milk Bar in the town?

    Linda and I still keep in touch, even though she’s in Nottingham and I’m in Tunbridge Wells.

    Sorry but I can’t remember the Aladdin dance but I do remember part of the dance we did to ‘Spring,’ part of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. As you say every time you hear the music it takes you back, what must be the best part of 50 years!

    Lynn Jones (nee Pembroke)

    By Lynn Jones (20/07/2015)
  • Sadly, I’m not sure which year I went to Boppard with Nobel Grammar School (I think it was 1967 because one of our “tasks” was to put alternative words to Puppet on a String), but I can still recall the feelings, the smells, the sounds.  We had a marvellous time and although I can’t remember any relevant details, when I go to Germany now (which I do a lot - my grandson is German!) those days stay with me.  I have a diary somewhere from the trip – discovering this site has inspired me to find it and look afresh at those times!



    By Debbie Wartnaby (nee Cheshire) (25/11/2014)
  • I’m not saying this isn’t a 1965 photo, but I went to Boppard in 1965 and I’m not in the photo and I don’t recognise anyone in it! I don’t recall any of the teachers on the trip but there must have been some. I’d have been in 3S, I think, in 1965. 

    By Geoff Gafford (14/11/2014)
  • I was in the next cohort who went to Boppard in the spring of 1966. I’ve got a couple of photos but only of Linda Nicholson, Pete Brown, Yvonne Fell and I. We were all in the class that would have been 3T at that time. The divine Miss Auerbach was with us on that trip but I can’t remember the other teachers. This is a long shot but does anyone remember the dance interpretation, Aladdin, that Miss Emmett choreographed? One of the pieces of music used was Prince Igor from the Polovtsian Dances by Borodin. Every time I hear that music I’m transported back. We performed this review many times to great acclaim both within the school and as guests at others.

    By Caroline Scott (07/02/2014)
  • This photo was definitely taken by Tom Stroud, a German teacher at the Nobel Grammar School, on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 April 1965, in Koblenz. It shows the party from the school who were staying for about a week (5.4.1965 – 11.4.1965) in Boppard. The teachers on the trip were: Leslie Rose (headteacher), Geoff Mannell (Maths teacher), Miss Emett (Games teacher), Miss Crossley (Games teacher), Tom Stroud (German teacher). The students were in the 2 year, now called year 8, i.e. they were 12/13. They were the third cohort of students through Nobel, which had opened in September 1961 (although at that time it was located within the Girls’ Grammar School in Six Hills Way) and it moved to the new (Telford Avenue) building in September 1962. (This is now the development called Priestley Road.) So, these students entered Nobel in September 1963. The girl referred to in the previous comment, in the dark coat looking down, I believe to be Carol Gaylor. Irene Auerbach, the Music teacher was not on the April 1965 trip, because she did not start at Nobel until September 1965. There was no Peter Thomas in that cohort. I can name most of those pictured, if anyone is interested. I have no information about the April 1966 trip, because I was a student on the April 1965 trip pictured, referred to above. I am third in from the right on the second row from the front, with a parting and tie and looking down slightly. I haven’t changed a bit, by the way. Robin Parker (Nobel Grammar School, September 1963 – July 1970) (Still live in Stevenage.)

    By Robin Parker (20/09/2011)
  • I either went on the Nobel trip to Germany in April 1965 or April 1966. I might possibly be the girl slightly to the left of centre in the middle row who has got her hands clasped in front of her in the dark coat and who is looking down – and then again I might not be! If it is my trip, we were going to Boppard. But I don’t clearly recall our headmaster, Mr James Rose, going with us, and that is definitely him at the back on the far left with the moustache. I know Miss Auerbach went with us and I can’t see her in the picture. The boy far left at the front may or may not be a lad called Peter Thomas. If this is not the Boppard trip I went on, I would love to hear from anyone who went on, or see any pictures of, the April 1966 visit. All best to old Nobellians. Sue

    By Sue Fowler (07/07/2011)