My Memories of Coronation Day 2 June 1953

By Sheila Watters-Hughes

I was the age of 9 when our nation celebrated the very special day of the coronation for this young woman Princess Elizabeth to become Queen on 2 June 1953, at a very early age of her life.

A few folk had the new invention of a black and white television set. Those who did invited their relatives and friends and maybe a few neighbours to come in and watch the coronation and no doubt they would all crowd in the sitting room watching a small tv screen.

Most other folk, like my parents, who did not have a television set would sit round listening to the old wireless set hearing the commentator Richard Dimbleby, who guided all the listeners through the ceremony with his nice voice. Thousands of people gathered round near Westminster waiting to see the Royal Coach pass by on the way to the Abbey and did not mind waiting out in the rain.

Street parties were going on all over the country. Us children who lived in Albert Street were getting very excited for the celebration party which took place in the old parish tin hut in Basils Road. All our mothers were busy by the afternoon preparing a nice little tea all laid out on long trestle tables. Each of us children were given a Coronation mug, plate and glass to be used at the tea and we were delighted that we could take them home after the party finished. I have still got mine which I have treasured for 60 years.

After we had our food and drink it was time to play some party games to finish up our lovely treat of a party.

60 years on, the nation had a big celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. On Saturday 2 June 2012 our Old Town shopkeepers got together to have a street party in our High Street. It was a very cold day but everyone was full of good cheer, enjoying the lovely day.

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