Ashtree School


By Neil Prentice

I was part of the 1st year intake of pupils when the school first opened for the start of the accademic year in September 1961.

During the first year the playing field was not really ready for use as the grass was still growing and was littered with stones; all the pupils were formed into a line, given buckets, and walked over the field picking up stones.

I recognise some of the staff and pupils in your picture from 1965, I have a similar one from June 1963.

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  • Hi Neil Prentice,

    I remember you well.
    If you see this, it will be great if you can post your photo from 1963.
    Best wishes

    John Bissell.

    By John BISSELL (27/04/2020)
  • I attended from 1963 to 1969 and recall the ‘temporary’ buildings at the end of the playground being put up.

    I would be really interested in seeing any other school photos from around this time if there are any out there.

    I remember several names from my year; Ross Silverman, Susan Green, Mark Baverstock, Keith Crossman, Susan White.

    My final class teacher was Mr Wakefield who used to play the violin during lunch break and broke a leg (or an arm) at one point – playing cricket I think.

    By Richard Adams (25/04/2017)