Shephalbury School exterior in 1958

By Pauline Maryan

Shephalbury School exterior in 1958
Stevenage Museum P6223
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  • Hi all, I left Shepalbury in 1963, sorry cant remember when I started , lol. my classroom over looked the park , I spent a lot of time looking out of the window at the trains and the A1 or was it A1m ? Possibly both? Thats why my english is so bad, likes, history and geography, but not writing or doing tracing after, listening to the teacher was more interesting, 63 I started working at W. H. Sanders , next to Shunic.

    By Paul Johnson (05/07/2015)
  • if lutz mills still looks at this site arthur Kitchener who was at Shephall Manor school has asked if lutz will contact him. Shephall Manor school is on facebook and you will find arthur Kitchener facebook page as he says you were vry good mates thanks mark.

    By mark murray (13/04/2013)
  • Went to Shephalbury SM School between 1958 ~ 1983 ?? Then this is for you ~ We would like to invite you and one guest,( husband / wife / partner or just a friend ) to a whole school reunion. Now our reunion will be held at the Leisure Centre in Stevenage. I have asked them to pencil us in for the 7th September 2013.  Tickets are £25 per head. A deposit will be needed on or by the 7th September 2012. Why so early are we booking the hall, I hear you ask. These good halls are hard to come by, and are snapped up very quickly, most are pre booked 12 ~ 15 months ahead. The tickets will include ~ 1. The hall Hire 2. A hand painted memory glass ( pint glass with school logo for men and wine glass for us ladies ) only sheppies will get this and not the partner 3. A bar 4. A room that will comfortably fit around 100 ~ 150 guests or if we have a lot of interest ( as we are ) we will be booking the hall that will also comfortably fit 600. 5. Buffet 6. Tables & chairs 7. Disco 8. Fun casino 9. Raffle prizes 10. And anything else that might crop up Please don’t say your coming, just to make us all happy, that would not be fair on anyone of your class mates who are looking forward to seeing you again. Also would be unfair for everyone else too, as we would have to foot the bill. Any money left over, will be left in the bank, and used to put towards the next reunion. Or if we want to send flowers, to some who has joined the sheppies that fly high with the angels, we can and not have to wait for monies coming in. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email We are both open to any ideas that you might have to make this night, a night to remember. We both look forward to hear from you, and seeing you at next years reunion. Or if you’re on Facebook ~ look us up ! Kind Regards Anna & Barbara

    By Anna Bawdon (01/07/2012)
  • Hi All Shephalbury School Seekers, I am trying to find as much information as I can on our old gone but not forgotten school. Can anyone point me/us in the right direction. Seeking Photos, Information, Books, Leaflets, Press Articles and anything about the School. I can scan or copy anything you have and safely return it. I can be contacted via the editors. Any Help Would Be Very Much Appreciated – Regards John Galleymore Shephalbury Secondary School Class Of 1976

    By John Galleymore (21/04/2012)
  • I am trying to find shephalbury school badge - anyone know what it was or better still have a pic

    By caroline Ansell nee Jeromson (19/04/2012)
  • In answer to Caroline Ansell. The school badge was a green shield with a silver V from the top left & right of the shield. In that V there was three silver clovers.

    By Jim O' Sullivan (19/04/2012)
  • I remember Lutz Mills coming over from the manor school to spend the day with us in shephalbury school. He was in the same class as i was when there. When he left the school he took with him our teacher Mr Doling to the manor school.

    By Jim O' Sullivan. (19/04/2012)
  • Thanks Jim. My brother. People are looking for a photo of it 🙂

    By Frances Noble (19/04/2012)
  • Be nice to see some images of Shephalbury School as it was before it was demolished to make way for housing, I was Class of 1976, Seems much of the school’s history has vanished, big shame.

    By John Galleymore (17/04/2012)
  • I was at Shephallbury Manor School in the 1960s and have some happy times there. While i was at the school. Stevenage town had one of the first bowling alleys built. The days of mods and rockers. The day that President Kennedy was shot we were playing snooker in the front hall of the manor house. mad days. Stevenage and the world were changing and not all for the better.

    By lutz mills (21/11/2011)