Stevenage Team

in 1980's

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  • I think with the right tuition I might of made the grade ,I remember Phil lean a SortT of john terry type !

    By george davidson (29/06/2017)
  • Arr the good old days seems like yesterday


    By Trevor Metcalfe (10/11/2015)
  • Top row left to right: Vic Folbick: Josie Wishaw: Danny Dance: Ray Wilcox: Martin Gittings: Martin Thompson: Jim Daintry: Peter Gittings: Manager Derek Montgomery: Second row left to right: Micky Herring: Trevor Metcalf: Player Coach Paul Peterson: Tim Jolly: Martin Allinson

    By Martin Gittings (16/01/2014)
  • I played for the youth side under Vic Folbick (on the far right). Can any body name the others in the picture? I remember the tall guy right of the keeper, also the trainer on the far left but cant remember there names. Does anybody have pictures of the youth side??

    By Phil Lean (18/11/2011)