Key events 1946

By Viv Birch

Key events of 1946.

The year in which the idea of twenty “New Towns” to provide additional post war housing was first mentioned in Parliament.


Newly formed United Nations organisation holds its first session.

 7th First civilian flights take off from Heathrow airport.

 17th  Uk Councils seek government aid to rebuild cities.

22nd G.I brides arrive at training camps to be trained in American ways.



Trial of  Nazi officer Rudolf Hess opens in Nuremburg, Germany.

14th IBM introduces the first electronic calculator.



7th World food shortage brings the return of rationing.

7th  The British Medical Association sets up funds to fight the creation of the  newly proposed National Health Service.

8th Churchill warns of Europes “ Iron Curtian”

8th Bananas arrive at Covent Garden for the first time since 1939.

9th 33 die as steel barrier collapses at Bolton Wanderers football ground.

21st Aneurin Bevan presents his full NHS proposal to Parliament.

20th London says women may be appointed as diplomats but only if they do not marry.

28th  British Government promises free school milk and dinners.



3rd A committee recommends mounting a big international exhibition in London in 1951.

13th 58 Mathausen concentration camp guards are sentenced to death

18th  The United States recognises Yugoslavia.




8th  The British Government plans to spend £380,000,000 on creating 20 new towns which it is hoped will house 1 million people. The Minister for Town and Country Planning, Lewis Silkin, said that houses will be built for all income groups not just the working classes. He wished to engender a sense of culture and civic pride amongst the new residents.



John Logie Baird television pioneer dies at 58.

17th  allies decide not to try Emperor Hirohito as a war criminal.




3rd  The UK Jockey club says it is going to install photo finish cameras on all its race courses.

8th Margaret Roberts a Somerville graduate is elected president of Oxford University Conservatives.

25th  In the Pacific ocean the first sub surface atomic explosion is detonated at Bikini Atoll.



13th HG Wells dies

18th Albert Einstein deplores the use of the atomic bomb and says that former President Franklin D.Roosevelt would never have allowed it,

19th UK footballers propose strike action to obtain a minimum wage of 37

26th Nuremburg. Schreiber reveals that the Nazis were poised to begin germ warfare and experimented at Dachau concentration camp.

31st The War Crimes trial ends only Hans Frank Nazi governor of Poland pleaded guilty.

19th Full scale civil war breaks out in China.



Nuremburg.  The War crimes tribunal begins to deliver its judgement.



16th Top Nazis are executed at Nuremburg.



4th London An enquiry opens into the proposed new town at Crawley, Sussex.

10th King unveils an additional inscription on the Cenotaph MCMXXIX-MCMXLV.

25th Government says food controls are to be relaxed but bread will still be rationed.



The Arts Council  is founded.

10th  The British Government to set up it’s own  tourist board.

18th  British parliament the Commons plans to nationalise railways, road haulage and the ports.

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