Aerial Photo of British Visqueen at Stevenage

By Jill Campbell

George Burrett
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  • British Visqueen was located opposite the underpass on the left hand side going north. I was sent there as an apprentice back in the late seventies as it was part of ICI where I was an apprentice at Welwyn garden city.

    By Simon Griffin (22/02/2021)
  • Worked in the Warehouse at visqueen as an 18 year old back in 1966 approx.My dear old dad was a foreman in the factory his name was Jack Unsworth

    By John Unsworth (27/07/2017)
  • British visqueen was large factory/complex, I was a van driver and had to collect from there and deliver the goods

    By Paul Johnson (23/03/2016)
  • I remember working for The Co-operative Wine Society in Gunells Wood Road, I use to work in the warehouse office keeping stock of the wine labels, checking members numbers also if I’d finished work in the office go and help out with binning in the bond warehouse or making up wine boxes with dear old Daisey Street . So much more I could say ,did anyone else work for the wine society would love to know.

    By Irene Johnson (07/07/2015)
  • Building in fore ground is W H Sanders my first job was there screwing gas  meter dials together, boring . think next door on right was Shunics, between Visqueen and Sanders is gunnels wood road.

    English electric/later bae, is across the road on left  hawker siddely? was next to shunic, s. I remember bluestreak rockets.lots of companies kodak icl john lewis taylor instruments fira  harvey bradfield toyer wine society bowaters  ec hodge platigniums pens esa in fairview rd.I worked at icl.Warren springs laboratory, ooh I could go on and on

    By Paul Johnson (27/06/2015)
  • My dad used to work night shifts at Visqueen late 50`s - Jim Bristow, we used to go to the christmas parties.

    By Kathleen Nye (bristow) (07/07/2012)
  • Gunnels Wood Road is in the foreground running left (South) to right (North). British Aerospace (or English Electric) is on the left and British Visqueen covers all the major complex on the right

    By dave.paul (17/12/2011)
  • Anyone know where the factory used to be? The picture above shows it in the gunnels wood area but i am unable to figure out the orientation and location in gunnels wood.

    By diddy12 (17/11/2011)