British Visqueen Children's Party

Andrew Board

British Visqueen Party
British Visqueen Party 2

My family moved to Peartree Way, Stevenage in 1955 and my father worked at British Visqueen from 1955 to the close and continued to work for ICI in Welwyn Garden City until retirement.

During this time my brothers and I attended the children’s parties organised by the sports and social club of British Visqueen. In the top photo we are the three boys circled middle left in the matching jumpers. I am in the front with David in the middle and Peter at the back. Not sure when in the 1960’s this photo was taken.

The second photo is of my mother and father at a British Visqueen party (centre couple) with friends on the left called Dilley and (I believe) Turner on the right.

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  • My parents Cyril & Betty Baldwin both worked at British Visqueen in the 1950’s/60’s. My mother worked in the Accounts Dept, before being transferred to ICI Welwyn Garden City with the oncoming closure of British Visqueen. At Welwyn Garden City Mum worked in the monthly salaries Office until her retirement in 1980.

    Mary Izzard & Carol Males were part of the team then. Carol later became Carol Dilley when she married David, the son of Maurice Dilley who was the cashier of British Visqueen as was.

    My sister Susan & I went on a lot of the outings as children and also to the Christmas parties where Father Christmas was Bob Carsberg in the late 50’s & 60’s.

    My father in law Alex McLean also worked at British Visqueen as did Mum’s brother Albert Latham.

    By Sandra McLean (11/02/2024)
  • I’m unsure about the person shown here on the right of the photo and would also like to know who he is and what Department he worked in. The person on the left I do recognise, for some reason I’m thinking Maurice but may be way off, even the surname Dilley did not automatically ‘pop up’. He most likely would have been in the office block that we were in on Caxton Way. Both Bill Board and (?) Dilley look as though they are wearing the I.C.I Company tie.

    By Robert (Don) Ottaway (10/09/2022)
  • That’s Bill Board, our office manager in the Purchasing Department! I worked there 1960-62. I can recall all the staff’s names.

    [That’ll be the poster’s father you’re referring to, then. Perhaps, if you know all the names, you can verify or correct the name of the man on the far right? Ed.]

    By Robert (Don) Ottaway (07/09/2022)