Bedwell Scouts 1960

By Jill Campbell

These photos were taken by the late Jim Shaw, a keen photographer who took many photos of Stevenage during his lifetime. His Grandson Mark Bruce is a professional photographer based in Knebworth and he has kindly shared his Grandfather’s photos with us.

These photos show the Bedwell Scouts group in 1960. It appears that they were in the process of building a scout hut at that time- can you supply anymore information? Do you recognise anyone in these photos? Were you in Bedwell Scouts?

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  • In reply to Frank Hadley, could it be the same Dennis Hadley that I worked with at English Electric Co Gunnels Wood road in the late 50s early 60s? If so, I worked along side him helping to keep the factory working. I remember he had a wicked sense of humor and good fun to work with. If its the same Dennis, he drove at that time a three wheel car and frightened the life out of me on the one short journey I did with him. Hope its the same Dennis that I remember.

    By Roy Newton (03/01/2020)
  • My father, Denis Hadley, helped wire the building and as a 5-year-old I was taken along to keep me out from under mum’s feet.

    I remember Jon Whitbread (earlier comment) as we were next door neighbours, he being on the corner of Bedwell Crescent and we on the corner of Ramsdell.

    I became a Scout Cub and stayed for a year or so, but still remember the discipline and also the fun we had. Stan Skelton was our leader.

    By Frank Hadley (01/01/2020)
  • My father built this HQ and also Look Wide. He was District Commisioner and my mum was ADC cubs. She started off at the 5th and Dad was at that time GSM. Names I remember Margaret Vine, Kath Harris, Stan Coleman, Val Colman. I helped out with the pack too, although I was really too young. Our house was always full of lads… a young teenager, it was great! My family had a wonderful gentle Alsatian. Police trained. He would sit in the middle for the grand howl and the cubs would ask us to tie their hands behind their back and Charcoal would bite through the cords. Very very happy days. Would love to hear from. Anyone from those days.

    By Lesley Holliday alias Riki, (21/05/2018)
  • Looks like 5th Stevenage Hq,my brother Alan went there,cannot make his face though

    By Jon whitbread (11/05/2015)

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