Barnwell School 'Do-it-yourself' operetta

By Pauline Maryan

Barnwell School 'Do-it-yourself' operetta rehearsal 1965
Stevenage Museum PP1376

Barnwell School ‘Do-it-yourself’ operetta rehearsal in 1965.

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  • Hi. I remember the operetta. It was really exciting to be part of it. I would practice most nights at home in my bedroom. My parents, in the end, could have played in with me. I still to this day have the score and play it sometimes for fun. The opening bars started with the National Anthem. Once everyone got to their feet we changed to the music of the operetta. It really was fun. Mr Judd was one of the best teachers and I thank him for giving me my passion for the violin. My name was Susan Wright

    By Susan jay (19/01/2023)
  • On my goodness!!! I was in The other side of the urn. I was a char/cleaner I remember it was such a laugh. Loved Roger Judd, and Mr. Loads used to tell Shaggy dog stories in our history lessons…. Happy Days

    By Pat Tyler (27/06/2020)
  • Does anyone remember Mr Judd’s school production about Dr Barnardo’s? I can’t remember what is was called but as I was always small for my age, I had to hide in a dusbin and then should ‘wait for me’ as a group of my fellow actors exited stage right!! Mr Judd was such an inspirational teacher.

    By Pamela Hill (now Pamela Craig) (16/02/2019)
  • “The Other Side of the Urn” was an inspirational, original operetta for a school production. The lyrics and dialogue were by John Loades (history) and Mr. Rich (Eng). Music by Roger Judd an eccentric and inspirational music teacher as well as a very good friend. I helped build the scenery and my wife Elisabeth (art) painted the scenery and designed the programme front. For more information read my comment in “Barnwell School duck pond“.

    By John Patterson (19/02/2018)
  • Well I’ll be ! I was in that production , I played the part of Hades God of the Underworld! I can still remember my lines and the song I sang solo in front of all those people, I think over 3 nights if I remember correctly. Mount Olympus home of the gods didn’t have all the cons and mods, draughts went whistling round the halls blowing the pictures off the walls …….Though we’re not built like the Gods were , we have our uses you see, kneeling and scrubbing, dusting and rubbing, classical chars are we !! Ah those were the days !  

    By David Allatt (06/07/2016)
  • I remember this photo, and certainly remember Mr Judd, I also remember the operetta but thought it a bit “Highbrow” for me.I think I was about 15 at the time.Into the Beatles.

    By kathleen Nye(ne Bristow) (08/02/2012)
  • What a memory to see Music Teacher Roger Judd at the Piano – I recall taking part in that Operetta – The other side of the Urn – Played the part of Ulysses in my final Year – I still have the programme somewhere showing the cast etc. I think that Roger Judd went on to become Head of Music, or similar, for Herts Education.

    By Tony Smith (06/11/2011)