Collenswood School Hall

By Markus Milligan

Main hall from Collenswood School. Opened on Nov. 1961, Collenswood closed in 2006, merging with Barnwell School until finally the site closed in 2014.

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  • The stage played by Mike Harding around 1977. Three gigs in one day: first for years 1-3, second for 4-5, third for 6th form and staff, each completely different, tailored to its audience. He is/was an old friend of Pete Warren’s from his Manchester youth. Mr Carter used the metalwork shop to make a new filigree facing for one of Mike’s instruments. A minibus full of us, with Pete Warren, subsequently saw him play Cambridge Corn Hall and ended up post-show back stage for beers with Mike. It is also the stage where I took the lead role in a production of Billy Liar – “Cabinet changes imminent.”

    By Graeme Innes-Johnstone (28/02/2021)