Straw Elevator

Pete Elliot

I am a small grower, based in East Anglia. In the 1970s, I bought at auction for £20 the pictured straw elevator, made by Geo W King. Luckily, it had been kept dry in a building out in the fens and not moved for many years. I understood from the previous owner that his father bought it new. It came complete with a Lister D engine. We used it at demonstrations connected to my collection of threshing equipment. It’s been kept dry in a barn at mine for years. On the side, it has ‘WAR FINISH’ written.

I used it at one or two vintage shows and Cambridge market place. It also got taken out for film productions.

If a museum or other genuine collector would like to have the machine, I would be willing to let it go, but not for commercial resale. It’s too good to destroy. Alternatively, a group of youngsters who would like something positive to do might be interested in restoring it. it will need a bit of work to tidy up and hopefully get going again, including work on the motor.

The only other example we’ve seen is at the entrance to a farm near Royston and is rotted out.

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