1971 Drawing Office Staff

Tom Lingwood

Organisation chart 1971
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  • My mum Hazel Geary worked in the accounts office along with Joyce Griffiths & Peggy Miles 1970 +
    I joined in the 1980s as a bonus clerk working with June Nixon, Rob & Paul.

    Great memories were made

    By Sue bowey (20/05/2022)
  • I am the daughter of Arthur Chapman who passed away in 2006.

    I was so pleased to come across your article online showing the employees of the drawing office and the position of their desks and actually seeing my late father’s name. I have several photos of the men at their desks and also some long service award celebrations.

    I recognize several faces but it is a long time ago and struggling to put names to them. I am still the proud owner of the Smiths clock awarded to my father for 25 years service in 1961.

    By Ann Taylor (24/01/2021)
  • Tom
    Brings back good memory’s
    Were is the page for the design development section

    By RICHARD DOWNING (08/03/2019)