Dancing Figures, by Dick Fowler

Pin Green

Dick Fowler, Department Head at Cheltenham College of Art, created this play sculpture in concrete with fibreglass finish in the Pin Green area in 1965.

It was removed in 1985 due to vandalism.

This page was added on 14/03/2011.

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  • Going on the photos and Trista’s description, this can only be the square that has Lonsdale Road to the west and Archer Road to the north. Behind the three-storey town houses in the photo is Archer Road, with Sloan Court on the other side of the road. Behind Sloan Court is the site where Pin Green JMI school used to be (former pupil myself).

    This square and two others (the one near the ‘Red Shops’/King Pin pub and the one nearer to Webb Rise) are now colour-coded in the primary colours, and have horse racing-themed names – if anyone can provide the names that’d be great.

    This is the exact location of the square in question:

    By Tim G (14/03/2022)
  • I’m sorry to tell you, Trista, that I have since discovered it was removed in 1985 due to vandalism.

    By Pauline Maryan (05/05/2012)
  • I’m pretty sure this was the statue my friends and I used to slide on in the 1960s on our way home from the now defunct Pin Green junior school. We moved away from Stevenage in 1970, so it’s a long time ago. I remember the statue being in a square, on a slope, with the taller houses behind, though in my memory the square was smaller, more slopey and the figures were seated rather than dancing. I’ve always remembered playing on it and the thrill of thinking I was sliding on a bit of Art (my parents mentioned Henry Moore), but now I see it was created as a play sculpture – obviously successfully, though if we’d known, playing on it mightn’t have been quite so much fun. I hope it’s still there and still being played on.

    By Trista Selous (05/05/2011)